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Cemetery Ordinance

Almena Township has two cemeteries: Almena and Covey Hill Cemeteries

For cemetery and burial information please contact:
Township Clerk: Sandra Rickli - Office: 269-668-6910, Cell: 269-491-0921

Current Fees
Effective May 16, 2012

Grave Site Fees

Full Vault Opening/Closing
Resident/Non- Resident

Cremation Opening/Closing
Resident/Non- Resident

Weekend/Holiday Fee
Resident/Non- Resident

Payment for grave plots and grave openings must be made in advance of the funeral.

Almena Township Cemetery Ordinance #102 (.pdf)

Almena and Covey Hill Cemetery Permitted Decorations

  • All real or artificial flowers must be placed in an
    unbreakable container or urn, (no more than two per site).
    Must be placed only left/right side of stone
  • No perennial plantings
  • Shepherd’s hook for hanging flower baskets only,
    centered directly behind the stone.
  • A headstone floral saddle may also be used
  • Legal Veteran flags
  • No glass items of any kind are permitted
  • Nothing is to be placed in front of the stone
  • Winter wreaths may be placed on a stand as of
    November 15th. Must be removed by March 15th

Any decorations other than the above are not allowed.

All non-conforming decorations will be removed

Contact Information:
Almena Township
Paw Paw, MI

(269) 668-6910
(269) 668-6913

Located between Paw Paw & Kalamazoo